Bio-Test Express Will Efficiently Transport Your Vital Hospital, Pharmaceutical, and Laboratory Deliveries With Professional Care


A Trusted and Reliable Transportation Partner You Can Count On, Every Time!

For over 40 years Bio-Test Express has been a premier healthcare partner for the transportation of vital, time-sensitive medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory products, including bio-hazardous materials.

Transportation Excellence is our sole focus 24/7/365.

Hundreds of medical professionals throughout the region rely on Bio-Test Express couriers daily because of unmatched professionalism, punctuality, and advanced training as valued employees. The knowledge and care they exhibit in handling mission-critical deliveries for our valued clients is unmatched in the industry.

  • ♦ Enjoy Peace of Mind With Skilled Professional and Dependable Drivers
  • ♦ Leverage Precise Standard Operating Procedures From Over 40 Years of Courier Experience
  • ♦ Eliminate Internal Inefficiencies and Unnecessary Operational Costs
  • ♦ Limit Non-Delivery Risks And Malpractice Liabilities
  • ♦ HIPAA Secure Chain-of-Custody Procedure Compliance For Patient Records Confidentiality
  • ♦ Gain Reliability and Predictability In All Courier Operations
  • ♦ Utilize Only Approved Medical Transport Containers That Comply with OSHA and the US DOT
  • ♦ All Vehicles Are Equipped With Comprehensive Spill Containment Kits For Biohazardous Materials

Bio-Test Express specializes in the management of urgent, time and temperature sensitive healthcare shipments between the point of origin
and the destination specified.

Medical Courier Packaging

Safely Packed, Accurately Tracked. For certain specimens, parcels are prepared with freezer packs and dry ice before departure, so that proper temperature is maintained during transit. Hand-held bar code scanners allow for real-time tracking from the time our Courier leaves, to pickup and delivery.

The healthcare industry is flourishing with new technology, and everyone must keep up. With new efficiency across the board, the demand to receive information faster becomes ever more important. Patient welfare and the subsequent method of treatment depend greatly of the turnaround time of patient specimens received and processed in the laboratory. Because patient treatment won't begin without the critical testing of the patient's specimen, the biomedical laboratories depend on courier transportation of specimens in ever-increasing ways. Delays or missteps in the collection or storage of specimens while in transit are unacceptable.

Bio-Test Express brings decades of experience in the safe and swift transport of blood and specimens. Since 1981, we have provided service to numerous laboratories, hospitals, and blood centers. We strive to improve efficiency while reducing operational costs significantly, through improved efficiency and expertise. We know the field, we know the territory, we are Results-Driven.

Leaders in Critical Life Science, Pharma, and Laboratory Transportation

Bio-Test Medical Medical Courier Equipment

As a pioneer in service to laboratory and transfusion medicine, Bio-Test Express draws on decades of experience which have defined the protocols to which our Couriers adhere. However, Standards and the roster of codes is ever-changing, and Bio-Test management is adept at anticipating new edicts from Federal and State governments. Thus, our Couriers are trained and tested on OSHA and other FDA requirements every year-regardless of tenure.

Bio-Test has a variety of vehicles to meet your needs and requirements. The Bio-Test vehicle fleet consists of more than 100 vehicles range from cars, minivans, cargo vans and 16-foot straight trucks. All vehicles are Company-owned and maintained, and clearly marked with the Bio-Test logo.

Every vehicle is equipped with a standard Spill Kit in the unlikely event that a Courier needs to contain a spill or leak of biological or biohazardous material.

Bio-Test employs Nextel Communication Systems for Chain-Of-Custody documentation and Tracking. Depending on the customers' requirements, Bio-Test has a system of bar-coding and electronic scanning of delivery items, to provide real-time tracking.

All Couriers carry customized Bio-Test specimen transport systems, as well as Bio-Test Express Lock Boxes. Each courier is instructed in using proper combinations of cold packs and dry ice, to ensure that the proper temperature of the specimen is maintained for the duration of the delivery.

When necessary, Bio-Test supplies metal Lock Boxes for the client to place outside their office. Our Couriers can then pick up specimens after their offices have closed for the day.

Success for our clients is accomplished by employing only the finest people available, acquiring the best in equipment and materials, and by providing special orientation and training as to the care and handling of the items we transport. We do this to ensure quality, and guarantee the integrity of the blood and related specimens Bio-Test Express transports.

Bio-Test Express Delivers, Guaranteed!

We exist solely to serve the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Scientific industries by providing on-time, error free pick-up and delivery of mission-critical medical specimens, pharmaceuticals, documents and related life science items that must arrive on-time.


Governed For The Highest Quality of Service For Our Valued Clients


Bio-Test Express is Held To a Higher Standard of Quality Service

Because of our manufacturing expertise, Bio-Test is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Food & Drug Administration, and the United States Department of Health.

Serving High-Value Clients With Care!

Case Study: New Client Cuts Costs 20%


Bio-Test alleviates the transportation concerns of a large local Healthcare System, and its network of related service centers, including: Physicians, Outreach Lab Services, Mail Operations, Various Affiliations, Genetics, and Surgical Pathology.

In the first year of switching to Bio-Test Express, this Healthcare System realized a savings of approximately 20%, not including non-measurable expenses.

Trusted Transportation Couriers for Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Laboratory Markets

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